Monday, December 27, 2010

Sonar Fish Finders Manufacturing

Fishfinders operate using sonar technology. Sonar technology uses sound waves to locate objectes underwater. The fishfinder works by sending out a sound wave into the water in a cone shape. If something is located inside this beam of sound a signal is sent back to the fishfinder. By calculating the amount of time between when the sound wave is sent out and when the signal is heard, you can measure how far the object is from your boat.

Sonar fish finders manufacturing began in 1957. It was designed by a man named Carl Lowrance and instantly became popular all over the globe. He came up with the idea after scuba diving with his sons. They noticed that fish migrate to favorable places when the weather changed, and they wanted to create a machine that could detect fish individually instead of as a group. Due to high production costs it was discontinued in 1984 after selling over one million units. 

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  1. He came up with the idea after scuba diving with his sons.printed whiteboard