Tuesday, December 21, 2010

tampion guns manufacturing

Tampions are plugs made to cover the muzzle of a gun in order to keep out moisture and dust. The tampion guns manufacturing companies usually make tampions out of rubber, plastic, metal, wood, or canvas. Tampions can be found on land and naval guns with the naval ones being more intricate. Due to their exposure to water the naval guns had to be protected by wooden and rubber plugs. The rubber and plastic tampions are normally only shot in case of an emergency. The advantage of plastic tampions was that they could handle the pressure build up in the barrel during the first shot.

As time passed tampions became collector’s items due to their designs. They were embossed and engraved with the arms of their unit. Currently even warships that do not carry guns have tampions with their badges engraved on them. Tampions were also used to cover the muzzle of cannons. 

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