Monday, January 10, 2011

Corkys Food Manufacturing

Corkys food manufacturing is a company located in Memphis, Tennessee that specializes in BBQ products. Corky’s also manufactures additional items for commercial uses such as dough machines, dishwashers, plastic shovels, icing sets, food slicers, and more. Out of all the products they manufacture they are best known for their BBQ products; especially their mouth watering flavorings and sauces.

What makes Corkys different from other manufacturing companies is the initiatives they are taking to help protect the environment. Many businesses are now taking part in the go green movement that has spread across America. To Corkys it isn’t about just being part of the trend; it is more about their high ideals and values. An excellent example of how they reduced waste is through the elimination of boxes. Corkys use to ship 350,000 cardboard boxes containing BBQ filled coolers to QVC. The company then decided to purchase shrink wrapping machines which eliminated the cardboard boxes all together, thus reducing the amount of trash produced by the company.

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