Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Greentree Manufactured Housing

Greentree is one of the largest lenders of manufactured home loans in the country. In fact, it is one of the two largest to be exact sharing the spot with Green Point Credit Corporation. Together these two lenders control approximately 30 percent of the market. Green Tree was founded over 30 years ago and has 29 locations all across the country. Their staff is comprised of over 1,800 employees with experience in assets such as second liens; consumer installment, HELOC, residential mortgages, and manufactured housing loans.

The Greentree manufactured housing loans portfolio is the largest in the nation. Greentree is one of the few companies that actually offer manufactured housing loans to their clients. Seven out of the twenty largest lenders actually do not even offer these types of loans at all. More homeowners are looking to purchase manufactured homes which gives Greentree a great advantage over its competitors. The only disadvantage is that buyers of manufactured homes do not get to negotiate their financing as they are able to do with traditional homes. 

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