Thursday, January 13, 2011

N.A.D.A. Manufactured Housing Appraisal Guide

The N.A.D.A manufactured housing appraisal guide is filled with 40 years of housing prices from 1972-2011. The average retail price for over 750 manufacturers is included in the guide. NADA provides a list of manufacturers address and phone numbers for customers as well. There is also a helpful guideline to assist you with wholesales and loans. The appraisal guide is updated yearly in January, May, and September. Additional features include conversion charts for older properties, adjustment guideline tables, and optional equipment.

The appraisal guide is available in print or cd-rom. The yearly rate for the guide depends on the number of subscriptions you want each year. The more subscriptions you purchase the less each subscription costs per unit. If you are interested in an appraisal value for one property only; you may request a report for that home at a cost of $20 per report. You can request these reports online. To find more information about the products and services offered by NADA visit their website at 

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