Monday, January 3, 2011

Photosensitized Paper Manufacturing

Photosensitized paper products allow you to create prints of your favorite products by laying them out in the sun. The process for creating these prints is fairly simple and can be done by any one. You just take whatever object you have selected and place it onto the photosensitized paper. The object is then left to sit for a few minutes in the sunlight. To get your final print simply remove the object and rinse the paper to fix it. Some of these papers can be developed using plain tap water.

The photosensitized paper manufacturing process designs the product to be sensitive to light. It does this by sensitizing the influence of radiant energy. Photosensitive paper has abnormal sensitivity to light because it is coated with chemicals that react to light waves and particles. The object on the paper blocks the light, which causes the chemicals on the paper to react and turn white. These papers work best when they are not exposed to light for long periods of time. 

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