Friday, January 7, 2011

Pyroxylin Resins Manufacturing

Items that are treated with pyroxylin are either proxylin coated or proxylin impregnated. The difference between these two processes is the way the coating is applied and how much of it is used. The material being worked with also influences which process is used. The chemicals in pyroxylin consist of a plasticizer, coloring matter, nitrocellulose, and a solvent. The plasticizer causes softness and flexibility in the object being treated.

Resins are the secretion of mainly coniferous trees. The chemicals in resin can be used to produce many different products such as adhesives, perfume, varnishes, and incense. The proxylin resins manufacturing process helps to preserve the resins for future use. Resin can also be converted into rosin. Resin is the liquid form and rosin is the solid form. When turned into the form of rosin it can be used in the bows of instruments such as violins and violas. It is also an ingredient in laser and printing paper, ink, soda, adhesives, and soap. 

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