Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Redman Manufactured Homes

For over forty years Redman homes has been building quality homes for families all over the northeast. They are one of the most respected housing  manufacturers in the country. Redman manufactured homes can be found in several states which include Michigan, Tennessee, Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, and more. Construction for these homes occurs year round in highly regulated environments. These regulations help to ensure the quality that Redman takes great pride in.
Redman manufactured homes range between 613 to 2,026 square feet. They can build both single section and multi-section homes for your family. Their homes also exceed energy conservation requirements, which ultimately save the owners of the home money in the long run. There are many different floor plan options to choose from and customized options are also available. Some popular options include: cabinetry, appliance, fireplaces, doors, and windows. After your home has been constructed it will then be transported to your home site where you and your family can begin creating memories.

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